Tripping the Light Fantastic!

Tripping the Light Fantastic!

My question is to all those who have tripped before, whether it be on acid or shrooms. I would like to know what were some of the most important revelations you have had while on these substances? Sound interesting? Let’s shoot.

Here’s mine…

The most important revelation I have had thus far occurred the night of Arrakis last June, where PVD so brilliantly performed. My friends and I took some mean gel tabs (whatever happened to those anymore?). Anyways, at that point in my life, I was questioning my belief in an afterlife and the destinations of heaven and hell.

In my past trips, I would always envision myself in a fiery and demonic surrounding, the likes of which parallel the description of the hell we all know and love.

After a few trips of that sort, I began to believe that I was destined for hell consciously.

My trips, as you can probably imagine, have always been pretty scary. That night was not any different. As I sat there in one of the seats, seeing flames and demons circling me, not to mention, DJ Dan’s “Needle Damage” racing 500bpm in my head and driving me insane, I began to think about my purpose in life. I started to question all my actions thus far, and wondered what the point was when I was destined to go to hell?

Then it suddenly came to me. Why are most people in the world scared of going to hell? The hell that we think we know is the hell that was taught to us by society passed down from generation to generation through oral tradition or literature. What if we’ve had it all wrong and the hell that we know is heaven?…And the heaven that we know and millions of people aspire to reach, is hell?

The second I came to that realization, the most beautiful, bright blue and yellow light enveloped me, casting away the flames and demons. I felt as if I was flying powerfully into the sky, passing through clouds in pure exhilaration. I then was surrounding by millions of bright yellow stars exploding all around me. Simply put, I was in spiritual Stacy.

Then BOOM, Paul Van Dyk puts on, “For an Angel!”

That my dear friends was one of the most beautiful moments in my life and one of the most comforting revelations I have ever had.

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