Copyright Information and Fair Use Policy

Copyright Information and Fair Use Policy

Copyrighted Information

All information in the is provided non-commercially for purposes of teaching, scholarship, research, and criticism under the fair use doctrine. We provide authorship information whenever possible as well as links to original material if it exists on the web. Much of the information has been approved for inclusion by its author(s). If you know the author or photographer of an unlabelled writing or photo in our collection, or if we are using writings or photos of yours without permission, please let us know and we’ll add credits or remove it as you choose.


Following is a list of types of uses (personal, academic, non-commercial, commercial) and types of information (excerpts, full texts, images) that we are most frequently asked about. It should serve as a guideline for appropriate use of information found in here.

The writings and images found at RaveSafe fall into two categories: those used by RaveSafe with permission of the author (or written by RaveSafe), and those used under the fair use doctine without permission of the author. You can generally tell whether we hold copyright permission for an article by looking at in the bottom of the page you’re interested in.

If you meet the guidelines for use, there’s no need to specifically ask our permission, but we’d still like to hear about who’s finding RaveSafe useful. Please consider sending us a note telling us where or how you’re using the information.

All html, layout and design for documents found at RaveSafe are copyright unless marked otherwise.