CD or Turntable

CD or Turntable

Although I currently only have CD players, I must admit that vinyl turntables is the way to go. Yes, CD and vinyl mixing really are as equally tough and require the same amount of practice and skill, but nevertheless, vinyl is the way to go and here are some of my reasons:
* It’s a lot cooler and more fun than pressing buttons and spinning a jog dial (which is smaller than a vinyl turntable platter)
* If you’re playing a record you have never heard of, you can still predict relatively consistently when a breakdown, bridge, chorus, etc. comes in and ends just by looking at the density of the grooves on a vinyl record. With CDs, you gotta play it by ear and sometimes, a song may be a little tough to predict the beginning and end of a new section
* You simply can’t scratch on CDs (well, the Denon 2600F claims that it can scratch just like vinyl, but I haven’t heard it myself and I wouldn’t be too sure about that particular claim)
* It’s actually easier to beatmatch with vinyl because of the analog (as a result, being infinitely accurate) pitch slider and the much greater control and ease of slowing/speeding up the platter (that is, if you’re not slowing/speeding up a record with the pitch slider which is arguably “better”)
* There’s more but I can’t think of them

There is, however, 2 things I love about CDs:

* The ability to store a cue point and instantaneously go back to the cue with the press of button…which means you have a little more time to beatmatch (if you’re in a rush that is )
* Better sound quality (OK, this is where someone is going to jump in and say that vinyl has better sound quality, but I’m just talking strictly about clearer trebles and mids. OK, a better way to put it is that I think CDs have better sound quality)…in my opinion (read the notation in the previous parenthesis)

Other than that, vinyl is king. Also, seriously, unless you spin commercial tracks, the good quality electronic tracks in 12 inch format are almost always only released on vinyl. If you insist on using CDs, then you gotta buy the vinyl then rip it into mp3 on a computer and then burn it on CD…yeah, a lot of hassle…

Anyways, that’s my semi-detailed “vinyl vs. CD” argument.

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