RaveSafe believes that each individual has the right to accurate and honest information about drugs and their effects, so that we can make informed decisions about our lives and health. Being ravers ourselves, we realise that it is important to know what the substances available are, how they affect our bodies and state of mind.

We are an informal group of people who research and distribute information that is of interest to the rave community. We are always collecting information about common street, dance and over-the-counter drugs, and the risks associated with them. We are also interested in safe raving techniques, and other topics that we believe ravers deserve honest information about.

Whilst we neither promote nor condemn the use of drugs, we believe that if you choose to take drugs, you should be well informed of the risks involved. Knowledge Is Power. We promote drug education and the Harm Reduction approach.

We care about the scene and the youth, and want to develop the potential of dance & techno culture in a positive direction.

RaveSafe started in South Africa in 1993 in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We have had this web page up since December 1994. It is modelled on, and draws inspiration from similiar Harm Reduction organisations in Europe.